Wizard King

The Wizard King: Etzilal the Undying, the first (and only) of His name.

Although there had been many petty kings who rose from the ranks of men in the Ages after the Time of Iron, the first human Empire was founded by Etzilal the Arcane at the end of the Ninth Age. Little is known of the First Empire; all history books not authored by the Imperial historians of the Twelfth Age were destroyed or banned, although some priests who worship Etzilal, The Undying keep copies of the First Empire’s history books as holy tracts.

Although many know the stories of the fall of the Wizard King – or, to be more precise, the Tyrant as the Ascendant was known at that time – there are few who study the foundation of the empire. The few scholars who do study the First Empire agree that the Wizard King was able to conquer the warring nations of men through the employ of Chained Scions, petty gods and nature spirits captured and bound with Godchains.

The heretical tract On the destruction of the armies of Anaphoria in the year 387 Tenth Age details the last recorded appearance of the Chained Scion in defense of the city some 800 years ago. It notes:

And the Wizard King walked out to face the armies of Anaphoria arrayed before Celestia’s gates unafraid, The Chained God crawling before him like a dog at hunt. The God was slight of build, wiry to the point of emaciation, and he clawed at the collar around his neck while crying tears of blood; every tear that touched the ground left it blighted and dead. From the walls of the city I could hear his words to the God clearly: “Kill them for me, Thistos.”

The God resisted until the Wizard King tugged his collar and made his demand a second time, which caused the God to give a a scream that shook the city and seemed to rent the sky in two. I felt ashamed to see this. The Anaphorians, however, did not escape so lightly; at the sound of the God’s scream Anaphor and his hundred legions fell to their knees. Blood began to leak from their ears and noses.

In minutes the enemies of The First Empire – from the highest general to the lowest squire attending the Anaphorian army’s numerous campfires – were heaving up blood and bile from within themselves until they breathed their last. The Wizard King turned his back and drug the still-weeping God away, leaving countless husks of bone and skin to rot until the God was returned to his cage and the remaining clergy were sent out to bless the blighted land and dispose of the corpses." -Gerand Throes

The administration of the First Empire was left to the Wizard King and his 20 Imperial Lieutenants, each of whom was responsible for a geographical or metaphysical demesne of the Empire.

Wizard King

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