The Forge

The Forge is the name given to the collective worship of Dwinain Soul-Forger and Barnaxus The Crystal Golem. The relationship between Dwinain and Barnaxus is the relationship between blacksmith and steel, craftsman and craft, and The Forge is more than just a clever name: temples to Barnaxus and Dwinain are literal forges. Priests of Dwinain create the finest steel found in The Known World, while clerics of Barnaxus are renowned for both the intricacies of their creations and their ability to work with soft metals.

Dwinain’s worship is a matter of course to blacksmiths and miners, as much a concession to the dangers of their trade as to the depth of their devotion. Silversmiths, artisans, engineers, craftsmen and dwarves revere Barnaxus as the pinnacle of their art.

Priests and bards have long claimed that Dwinain’s forge is built upon the pinnacle of Fire Island’s highest mountain, where he works to this day crafting the weapons of the gods. Many heroes have braved the slopes to beg The Soul-Forger for weapons the likes of which the world has never seen. Pelinor made the ascent two thousand years ago, and returned with an axe that stood as tall as a man. He called it “Dust,” and – though it was pitted and beaten – the blade never lost its edge no matter how tarnished the metal. Such was Dwinain’s skill that even metal set aside for scrap became peerless beneath his hammer. To this day, priests of Dwinain are required to make a pilgrimage to Fire Island once during their lifetimes; and at its foot they leave behind an item from their forge as proof of their skill.

The horseshoes, swords and armor that litter the slopes of Fire Island bear silent testament to the ties that bind smith to steel.

The Forge

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