The City of Countless Doorways

The City of Countless Doorways is the third World reachable directly from Aithir.

The City’s architecture is reliably Mannerist, and is scaled to creatures that are 60% larger than humanity. The streets of the City are built on a regular grid; thus far, no completed map exists of the City.

Scholars serving the Wizard-King asserted that the World containing the City is potentially infinite in size; these scholars discovered markings on certain buildings appear to be pure geometric forms, and these markings’ regularity suggests that these symbols are somehow part of a mathematical ritual that governs the properties of geometric objects.

The grid of streets creates extremely regular blocks of housing, and at each block there is a crossroads. Thus far, all attempts to gain access to the houses have failed; the doors will not open, and the windows will not break. All windows reveal rooms filled with books, organized into shelves and with the appearance of an organization behind these books.

The crossroads are where things get interesting: each appears to bear a panel of water, lightly frozen over, that, once cracked, allows the intrepid to access other Worlds by diving within the pools. Given that only three Worlds are naturally proximate to Aithir, traversal of the City is necessary to gain access to these non-proximate Worlds. The Wizard-King is the only arcanist who sought to catalogue some of these Worlds; sadly, with his death and the pogrom against his supporters these records are believed to be lost.

A complete List of Known Worlds will be maintained in the event that intrepid adventurers take it upon themselves to begin the process of finding new lands.

The City of Countless Doorways

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