Indrian The Prophet, The Herald of Ruin

Ruin has no temples; worship is held in rubble and abandoned buildings.

Indrian’s priests take no vow of poverty, though they are, without exception, poor. Beggar priests offer prophecy for coppers, and drink themselves blind in the hope that they can blot out the visions of Apocalypse that burn across their eyes every time they sleep.

Priests of Ruin are often taken for madmen. In all fairness, priests of Ruin often are madmen, so there’s little harm done there.

Unlike other faiths, however, no one chooses to be a Priest of Ruin; Priests are marked out for Ruin by vivid dreams and visions that foretell the coming Apocalypse. Within three days of the visions’ onset, beggar priests arrive to take away their newest brother or sister. Ruin marks his own, and does not discriminate between young and old or man and woman.

When Ruin chooses his Champion, Ages end and empires die.

Indrian The Prophet, The Herald of Ruin

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