Elf Queen

Ilyandralas, to the glory of all creation, rules the three divided houses of the Sidhe: the wood elves, high elves and dark elves. The Elf Queen rules the Court of Stars, the one place where wood elves, dark elves, and high elves come together as peers and allies instead of as rivals or enemies. Honed by centuries of experience, the Queen’s innate magic at least equals the Archmage’s spells.

The Elf Queen disdains stone and gems, and claims all of Sidhe as her temple. The Elf Queen has no need of priests, and asks instead for artists and dreamers to tell tall tales of Fey so that none will forget the glory of the Sidhe.

Though the Elf Queen mocks her priests, she has been known to bind those mortals who especially please or displease her to do her will through glamour and song; though the bards still sing epics dedicated to the Knights of Fey, Ilyandralas’s paladins have not been seen in The Dragon Empire for centuries.

People throughout The Dragon Empire do not worship Ilyandralas so much as they fear a return of the Sidhe. Old women still use legends of The Long Night to frighten disobedient children, and whispers of elfsong in Midsummer have caused many a man to sleep with cold iron by his side. Men and women leave dishes of milk outside their doors on the Summer and Winter Solstice, hoping to avoid the attention of the Wild Hunt.

Sidhe ambassadors to Axis have denied these rumors as “vile calumnies heaped upon Ilyandralas by her lessers, motivated by jealousy and envy.” Courtiers and professional clerks have grown used to these outbursts over the years, though they suspect it isn’t mere coincidence that the Sidhe embassy has maintained its own dairy for the past century.

Elf Queen

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