This is the Aionic Pantheon active in this 13th Age. This list does not take tribal worship, ancestor worship, or gods of Non-Aionic Pantheons into account.

0. Asaos, The Seeker (journeys, beginnings, questions)

1. Seroth, The Alchemist (magic, the search for power)

2. Lorelai, The Lost (introspection, confession, secrets)

3. Ilista, The Widow (love, rebirth, sorrow)

4. Lassadar, The High King (stability, stasis, order)

5. Ingiel Half-Divine, The Shaper (creation, the bridge between heaven and earth)

6. Veridian, The Harmonic (harmony, unions, promises, pacts)

7. Uziel Bladewing, The Archon of War (war, conquest, destruction)

8. Dwinain, The Soul Forger (craft, industry, mining, smithing)

9. Darolin Fey-Touched, The Hunted (madness, escape, isolation)

10. Raliel, The Whore of Fortune (luck)

11. Kelin, The Law-Giver (justice, law)

12. Hemah Ever-Born, The Sacrifice (mysticism, martyrdom, knowledge, renewal)

13. Veil, The Gatekeeper (death, change)

14. Phaethe, The Healer (healing, medicine)

15. Etzilal, King Undying (magic, deception, transgression)

16. Indrian The Prophet, The Herald of Ruin (ruin, prophecy)

17. Barnaxus, The Crystal Golem (artisanry, metal-working)

18. Ilyandralas, The Sidhe Queen (inspiration, hunting, vengeance, art)

19. Malon, The Lucky (good fortune, achievement, happiness)

20. Farrian, The Tribune (judgment, atonement)

21. Chal, The Spheres (totality, the cosmos)


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