Ascension is the formal name given to the process by which a mortal who becomes rather more than mortal.

The actual mechanics by which this change is effected are not set in stone; for example, it is not a ritual that a wizard or priest can cast.

There are numerous examples – both contemporary and historical – by which a mortal has Ascended. Etzilal became the Conqueror after bringing several petty kingdoms of the Ninth Age to heel beneath his rule, the Wizard King after he founded the First Empire, the Tyrant after he decided to allow the aristocracy of the empire to choose undeath (a move that caused the re-writing of Imperial laws governing succession and a rethinking of what it meant to be a “legal person” within said empire), and the Lich King when he refused to allow death to invalidate his de Jure claim on the Dragon Empire

Augustus Kallandros Septimus, a boy of six, instantly Ascended upon the death of his father, the last of the [[Dragon Emperors.]]

The Priestess Ascended insofar as he used her considerable magical appeal to give the gods of goodness a place where worship for the goodly gods would be centralized and celebrated.

Others have Ascended through their importance and skill; a bare few have Ascended by non-traditional means: [[Jabber and Fycke, a pair of caravan-runners, discovered that a mixture of blood sacrifice and the declamation of poetry can effect a gateway between Aithir and Sidhe; throughout the second age Jabber and Fyk Ascended into either The Fool or The Merchant Trading Company.


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