Writ of Crusade

To the Flamebearer,

Greetings, apostolic grace, and blessing.

Godsfearing men and women, we believe, have long since learned from many accounts that a demonic fury has deplorably afflicted and laid waste to Fire Island. More than this, blasphemous to say, Hellspawn have even grasped in intolerable servitude its churches and the Holy Peak of Shar’s Summit. Grieving with pious concern at this calamity, I, Pale, Crusader of the Aphotic Holies, visited the regions of the Wild Wood and devoted myself largely to urging the potentates of the land and their subjects to join our coming Crusade to restore [[Shar’s Summit]] to the realms of men, and seal the Hellmouth found atop the spire.

I solemnly enjoined upon the mortal lords at the Council of Creel (the accomplishment of) such an undertaking, as a preparation for the remission of all their sins and the restoration of the rule of the gods of men. And this letter confirms that I have constituted the bearer of [[Erdaras’s Flame]] leader of this expedition and undertaking in my stead. Those temporal leaders who, perchance, may wish to undertake this journey should comply With the commands of the Flamebearer, as if they were my own, and submit fully to the Flamebearer’s loosings or bindings, to oblivion and beyond. If, moreover, there are any of your people whom the Gods has inspired to this vow, let them know that the Flamebearer will set out with the aid of the Aphotic Gods on the First Day of the New Year, and that they can then attach themselves to the Retinue of the Aphotic Chosen.

Crusader of the Aphotic Holies
Fortress of First Triumph

The above, along with Erdaras’s Flame, was found on the corpse of a smuggler – oops, I mean, antiquities dealer – on the road from Saul’s Landing to Santa Cora. Pyre now bears both.

Writ of Crusade

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