Lich King

Etzilal The Undying, The First of His Name has long been an Ascendant: First he was the Arcane Conqueror of the Ninth Age, the Wizard King of the Tenth Age, the Tyrant of the Eleventh Age, and, after an Age’s silence, has now become The Lich King in this 13th Age.

During the day, the Empire is a land of light and song. But at night, it is easy to look out one’s window at the moon-touched land and see that it very nearly still belongs to the Lich King.

Ages ago, the Lich King was the Wizard King, and he ruled all the lands with magic and tyranny. The first Dragon Emperor, the elves, and the dwarves joined forces to defeat him. Ages later, however, the Wizard King returned as the undying Lich King.

The Lich King commands all undead, to some extent. His power grows when sacrifices to the dead are not maintained and graveyards are desecrated, but even when all rites are properly observed he schemes, betrays, and attacks. “By the fist of the lich” is a common macho curse. The magic hand the Lich King wears to replace his missing hand is a fearsome artifact in its own right.

Those who would rather not call the Lich King by name refer to him as the One-Eyed King.

Those faithful to Etzilal do not flaunt their faith; though he has many adherents throughout The Dragon Empire, the god of magic, deception and transgression does not enjoy to make his presence felt.

The Lich King’s priests teach that their lord rewards those who seek to transcend the natural order. His worshippers often see him as the means by which they can bend the rules to get what they want; that death, love and life can all be cheated out of their due if the right sacrifices are made to The Magician King That Was.

Thieves, revolutionaries and the sentient undead revere the Lich King above all others. It is said that Etzilal’s priests and favored followers do not age, and rumors suggest that it is not unknown for his chosen priests to occupy positions of authority in other faiths. Some even masquerade as priests of other gods.

Lich King

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