Dwarf King

The Dwarf King is lord of Forge, the dwarves’ new homeland beneath the mountains; he is the titled lord of the Hall of Vengeance and guardian of the Axe of Seven Bloods. He’d love to reclaim the dwarven Underhome lost to war against the dark elves and the creatures of the deeps. But now that the Dragon Empire is stumbling, the dwarves find themselves manning the mountain walls that shield the Empire from the orcs and monsters of the north.

The Dwarf King is the master of treasures, pressing a claim on all marvels pulled from the earth. His halls are filled with legendary marvels. As the Emperor rules the civilized lands above, the Dwarf King rules the civilized lands below.

The Dwarf King works reliably with the Emperor, and he respects the ages-old truce with the Elf Queen.

When the Elf Queen’s dark elves get out of hand, they are the worst sort of enemy. The Dwarf King has offered a king’s ransom for the head of the Thief of Dreams and his “patron,” the Prince of Shadows.

Dwarf King

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