Pale, commonly known as the Crusader is the armored fist of the Dark Gods; although he is not the first knight to take up arms and lead armies against the Abyss, he is the first champion to do so while forswearing the Aionic Pantheon. So long as followers of the Aionic gods stay the hell out of his way, the Crusader turns his wrath against the demons that would destroy the world that his gods want to rule. Follow the Crusader if you must win at any cost.

One way or another, it’s a bad sign that the Crusader is accommodated within the Dragon Empire and sometimes even welcomed. It means either that the common people have lost their good sense or that times are so dire that the people will accept the help of a destroyer bound to the Dark Gods.

If the enemy of your enemy is your friend, then the Crusader is everybody’s friend because demons are everybody’s enemy. The Crusader, however, is the sort of friend who will burn your house to the ground if he finds it tactically necessary.

The mighty deeds of the Crusader include conquering hellholes and making them his own. The first hellhole he conquered was an especially large and perverted one near the Imperial capital, Axis. It was there that he established his headquarters, known as First Triumph. When he conquers a hellhole, he binds the defeated demons and forces them to garrison the fort he builds or claims at the location.

The Crusader leads an elite corps of ruthless warriors, spellcasters, and assassins. From him, they learn the lost ways of the Dark Gods, speaking oaths long forbidden to those who walk in the light of day. Critics of the Crusader say that the side effect of this training is to burn all pity and love from the hearts of the crusaders, and indeed a pitiless heart is not a side effect but the very point of the training. Many crusader initiates prove unworthy of the challenge. Those who die in training are perhaps luckier than those who live on, forever haunted by what they learned but failed to master.


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