The Dying Age

To Seize Glaezentorg

On their way to track down the sword-thief, the heroes are ambushed by wolves with a large hellhound as their packleader. After destroying the demon and tracking it back to a now-ruined summoning circle, the paladin Bjorn Greyhand reveals the boy he’s squiring is being sought by the Diabolist for some unknown purpose, and he took him under his wing to protect him and train him to defend himself.

The search resumes, with the party’s cleric contacting elves of the nearby forest for aid. After agreeing to be beholden to them for a boon to be named later, the elves show the searchers the fastest way through their forests and into the Red Waste. The party’s sorceror, a strange woman wreathed in fire, literally blazes the trail forward, leaving nothing but ash in their wake.

Once they arrive at the Greenstand Ruins, the party charges into battle against skeletons raised by the mage-thief and kobolds sworn to serve him. When they find the thief, Vercingetorix, they discover he has used dragon’s blood to enhance his own abilities and transform into a half-dragon monstrosity. They defeat him despite this power, and claim Glazentorg for the paladin.



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