The Dying Age

To Rule in Hell

The heroes soon learned ruling a hellhole is no easy task. They were soon beset by requests from both demonic and mortal parties to allow trade to flow between the two realms, leading to contingents of mortal burghers and demonic servitors to fill the Fortress Inevitable’s court. The players decided to allow trade with certain restrictions (no children, no weapons, no souls), and allow demons to immigrate to the Fortress in return for the fealty serving Hellduke Bjorn Greyhand.

Rasp, the party wizard, was also confronted by a burgher of his own. A corpulent man named Gluttony appeared at his quarters, claiming to serve the same creature that gave Rasp his power: the Wyrm. Gluttony said Rasp was failing the Wyrm for not giving himself fully to it, allowing it to sense the world through him much as Gluttony had fed it as much as he could. Rasp invited Gluttony to a nearby lake to discuss the matter, only to have the barbarian Blind ambush him and drown him in the lake.

The party decided it was time they left the Fortress for a while, and followed a petition from a farmer who lived nearby to rid his land of ogres terrorizing them. The heroes arrived in time to find the ogres tearing the farm to pieces, and dispatched them; the farmer’s family, however, was long dead. The duke gave him compensation to move to Santa Cora and live out his days there,
while the duchess purchased his lands from him to be worked by others for the good of the realm.

The party’s attention turned south, as they traveled to a nearby town beset by a curse from a long-dead crusader’s disturbed tomb. On the way they strayed into owlbear territory, and elected to hunt the dangerous predator down. They found the owlbear wasn’t alone, though: it had two cubs. The large predator was killed (and sent to be stuffed as a trophy for the Fortress), while the cubs were captured to be trained as pets for the sorceress and cleric.

When they arrived at the town, the paladin was shocked to discover the disturbed tomb belonged to August Magnus, the previous Crusader and only one to live long enough to retire from the position. His protege, Pale, became the current Crusader. The party destroyed a group of demons guarding the entrance to the tomb, surmising that the Diabolist was behind whatever had befallen the tomb, and delved inside to confront the horrors within.



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