The Dying Age

Erdaras's Flame and a Curious Writ

The party travels to a nearby city to rest and recover after the ordeal at the ruins. There they find work tracking down a stolen amulet purchased from a merchant, who has since learned the couriers who claimed it have been murdered.

The party tracks the couriers down and finds their bodies, apparently killed by marauding monsters.
The barbarian is able to hunt down the monsters and the heroes dispatch them. Among their possessions are the amulet, Erdaras’s Flame, as well as a Writ of Crusade from the Crusader himself. It says the bearer of the amulet will lead a crusade to the Fire Islands hellhole, and calls for any and all rulers to give them whatever aid they can. The sorceror claims the amulet for herself, drawn to its fiery nature.

Before returning to town the party wizard leads them to investigate a nearby barrow where a former arcanist lies. The Lich King has sent minions to disturb the site, and the party destroys them while their wizard claims both the arcanist’s broken staff and his remaining power for himself.

They are preparing to leave when suddenly confronted with a pavilion full of elves, demanding the cleric meet her obligations to them.



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