The Dying Age

A Faerie Story

The party’s cleric was told by the elves she had seven days to find a mortal woman whom a high fae lord had fallen madly in love with. After some digging the players heard about strange goings-on in a nearby town, and set out to investigate.

What they stumbled upon was a series of “faerie tales” that were coming true. A young woman’s grandmother was swallowed by a wolf (which the paladin extracted with an axe). A noble girl named Rapunzel was trapped at the top of a high tower and told she cold only be rescued by someone who could climb her hair (the barbarian climbed the bare stones, and discovered she was ACTUALLY the duchess of the Fire Islands whose lands were taken when the hellhole appeared).

Finally, the heroes found a town which had been hosting ball after ball every night for weeks, and whose prince was smitten with a local woman who kept appearing at these balls. The players attended and discovered the woman was… “homely” at best. The heroes abducted her (for her own good) and killed her retinue of surcoat-wearing mice (IT WAS SELF-DEFENSE) before retreating to her house to meet her “faerie godmother”.

Turns out the faerie godmother was the actual mother of a woman taken by the same fae lord the players were working for. Her daughter died after reveling with the fae for weeks without stop, and the fae didn’t even notice. The mother used her arcane powers to enchant the lord so he would fall in love with this… “special”… girl, and be mocked as a fool in the process. The party stopped her, knocked her unconscious, and brought her to the rendezvous point to meet with the other fae.

They were shocked to learn of the plot, and relieved the players foiled it.



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