Welcome to The Wild Hunt!

The Wild Hunt is the story of a group of ragtag adventurers assembled by The Great Wolf to fulfill their destiny (or destinies) at the end of this, the 13th Age. The Dragon Empire is reeling from the death of the last Emperor in the Crusade for Fire Island, and the newest Emperor is Augustus Kallandros Septimus, a boy who recently reached his sixth name day. The Empire has entered into its first Regency in two hundred years: although Septimus sits on the throne, the Empire is ruled in truth by the aging Archmage and his allies (one of whom, The Three, has become the General of the Dragon Corps of Axis).

Although the Elf Queen and Dwarf King remain the Empire’s steadfast allies, the Crusader has turned his armies against The Greyhand, Ninth Duke of Hell. Fire Island, once a principality of the Empire, has declared its independence and sworn itself to the Queen of Fire and Ash and her deific Flame. Gossip in Thieves’ Port insists that the Prince of Shadows stole the life of the last Emperor as a betrothal gift for Luck herself; but Luck spurned him, and now the arch-thief is wanted for murder and a lordship is in the offering for anyone who brings the heart, hands and head of the so-called prince of thieves to the capital and the Regent. The Great Gold Wyrm continues his fight against the newly-ascendant Diabolist.

Finally, A new Orc Lord has arisen from the mountains. He calls himself Severin, The Eyeless Scourge of Man. His armies march closer to the Dragon Empire day by day. The High Druid, too, is rising up as well; but rather than men, she compels the earth, stars, and skies to break the arcane chains that have bound them to the Empire’s good for hundreds of years. She does not strive to rule nature; she strives to liberate if from civilization as a whole.

Only two Icons have made no move: the Priestess continues her sermons in Santa Cora and has yet to be asked to return to the capital, while the Lich King bides his time. All remember that the Empire was His – a price he paid in blood Ages and Ages past – and that he will do what he must to reclaim his throne.

Our cast of characters:

Ash, a halfling sorceress who learned magic at the feet of the Primal spirit of the Great Wolf.

Tjakoli, a dark elf cast out from the Wild Hunt after angering his Patron, The Ghaele of Night’s Blood and Consort to the Elf Queen, Gwaedhon. Expelled from the Feywild, Tjakoli must hunt more dangerous quarry than ever existed and call The Wild Hunt to him.

Jade Banner Unfurled is the unwilling paladin of Lorelei The Lost. A Bad Lands tribesman turned deserter from the Adamant Steadfast Unyielding Majesty, the Boy-Emperor’s personal Imperial Levy given to him by his deceased father and named by the boy on his third nameday, Jade Banner Unfurled was conscripted into the Crusader’s Legions upon the eruption of a Hellmouth within the Empire proper. The Crusader and his priests used Jade Banner Unfurled in a ritual that forced Lorelei to consecrate him as her paladin. A side-effect of the ritual is that Jade Banner Unfurled is a Confession Nexus, and those around him will spontaneously confess their deepest secrets to him. Perhaps this explains why the Crusader was so willing to allow him to follow the halfling woman and her wild tales of a Great Wolf. Jade Banner Unfurled sadly met his maker after eating a phylactery containing the soul of a lich (that now occupies his body).

Rhaega, Awakened Stone. Rhaega is the first of the dragonborn to awake from the sleep of stone.

The Dying Age